Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the central hub for access to epic ski resorts, red rocks and national parks and a thriving night life.  Surprisingly diverse, the Salt Lake Valley is known for its high education rate, low unemployment and growing tech sector.

Salt Lake International Airport has direct flights to every major national destination and international destinations including London, France, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Toronto and Mexico City, to name a few.  From the airport you can be on the slopes in under 45 minutes and have access to seven world-class ski resorts.

A thriving art scene, the Utah Symphony and Ballet West are some cultural destination, with the University of Utah sitting in the foothills.  The U of U is renowned for its medical school, MBA program, research facilities and has fostered more bio-med and tech start ups than any school in the nation, including MIT.

Unemployment is among the lowest in the nation along with crime.  Even during the recent economic downturn the Salt Lake economy (along with Utah in general) remained one of the strongest in the nation.

Whether you are looking for an urban lifestyle, historic homes, quite family communities or open space and seclusion, Salt Lake City and its surrounding communities have a place for you.

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